Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Sky is Falling, Day Two

Today's reason Red Sox fans should forget about the next six months is Coco Crisp. Apparently, Dan is not familiar with the concept of small sample size. After thirteen meaningless spring training games, Dan is ready to consign Crisp to the scrapheap. (He should get a pass for last season. He never recovered from the broken finger, which had to be surgically repaired.) Dan does note that prior to the injury Crisp was progressing nicely, but in total the tone is over the top and the worry is misplaced. Not matter what happens, Crisp will not become Dwayne Hosey, a journeyman minor leaguer who made his MLB debut at 28. (Dan, it doesn't help accusations of racism when your simple mind can make comparisons only between players of the same race.) And I'd worry more about the the two guys batting before Crisp in the lineup.

Another thing to note is Dan attacks Crisp for stating he doesn't care what the fans think. Normally, that attitude would be a good thing, but in Dan's twisted world if an athlete doesn't cower at the thought of playing in Boston before the world's most demanding fans and their proxies, the reporters, you disrespect the fans (mostly the reporters, though). If Dan were in New York, he would be ripping A-Rod for caring too much. You cannot win with this guy.

Pedroia Watch
Then there's Dustin Pedroia. Any chance the kid is in over his head?

Get it, he's short! Maybe someone can answer me. Has there ever been a rookie in the majors before? Because Dan's attitude seems to suggest that Pedroia's situation is unique in the history of baseball.

Whenever you read or hear Shaughnessy attack Pedroia remember these numbers:


Those are his minor league career BA/OBP/SLG. And he is only 23 this year.

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Anonymous said...

An amazingly negative column. He manages to disparage three players in the first paragraph. It's not just sample size at issue here but spring training is also a time to try out new mechanics and make adjustments. Lowell didn't look so hot at the plate last spring and look at the season he had. Dan needs to step into the batters box and listen to what a 95mph fastball sounds like, because he sure isn't going to see it.

When the CHB does show up in the club house, I wonder what the reaction of the players is, does anyone talk to him??

paul said...

Well, here's some more negativity from the Shank-meister. Sure Coco had a rough spring. He's coming off of finger surgery and a nagging shoulder tweak. Remember he's a switch hitter who bats better left-handed. Coco has said that his finger bugs him when he bats righty. Well, if that's the case, have Wily Mo play against lefty pitchers and Coco against righties.

Personally, I think Coco will be traded this year or next to make room for Murphy or Elsbury and Wily Mo. (Get you PawSox tickets now! These guys are going to light up McCoy!).

Pedroia may (emphasis on may) be in a little over his head but that's what we've got Cora for. I'm sure if the kid struggles, Cora can fill in or they will trade for a quality second basement. Let's give the kid a chance. He's not batting 3rd or 4th. He's batting 9th.

30 teams are 0-0 (that's a five way tie for the AL East!). Let's wait until the end of the first home stand before we all push the panic button. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that CHB doesn't have much luck getting interviews these days. Coco had no interest in talking to him. In fact, who DOES talk to CHB, other than Theo or Francona? Few Sox that I can think of. Hmm.

Anonymous III said...

Schilling still talks to him, but heck, Schilling will talk to anyone carrying a notebook.
Or at least he used to. Don't know if he will anymore after the rip job from the other day.

dbvader said...

My problem with Dan's characterization is that he offers no reason why Pedroia, in particular, should struggle. At the same age, DP was playing at a higher level and putting up roughly the same numbers as Kevin Youkilis. In his minor league career, his K/BB is 3/5. He has struck out 77 times in over 1000 ABs. He has more extra base hits than K's. Dan sees a short player and assumes he stinks.

I don't think we will ever see much of David Murphy. His career minor league OPS is .745 and he has topped .800 twice, once in Lowell and last year in Pawtucket (.802). He is supposed to be a good defensive CF, but his bat is not MLB worthy.

bigyaz said...

You call it Shaughnessy being negative. I think you (and your cronies) are just a bunch of Sox fanboys, who get excited about every mediocre player who puts on a pair of red socks. Therefore, any time someone criticizes your beloved boys you get all riled up.

As negative as Shaugnessy can be, you're just as guilty in the other direction. But I'm sure your boys will come to your defense here.

dbvader said...

Dan can be negative, but he should at least offer his reasons. After experiencing success at every minor league level should Pedroia be doubted?
And I don't love every Sox prospect. As you can see, I don't like Murphy and I've posted in other places I don't like Manny Delcarmen or Youkilis. If you read any of my earlier posts, you will see that I am not expecting much of anything out of Lowell or Varitek. Yet a prospect who has done nothing but produce is the Dan's big worry because he had never heard the name before last year and if the FO and fanboys like him, then something is wrong.
Be negative, but back it up.