Friday, March 02, 2007

College vs. MLB

Shaughnessy provides a look ("Mismatch made in heaven") at the vast chasm that exists between the talent and skill level of college baseball players versus major leaguers. The story is prompted as the Sox faced the "pasty-white" Northeastern University team. By and large, it's not a bad article and provides some good insight.

The acerbic Shaughnessy pokes through a little bit. In addition to the unneeded "pasty white" comment:

- He latches onto a quote from Brendan Donnelly who says that college players going against major leaguers is like Dustin Pedroia going up against Shaquille O'Neal. Shaughnessy liked that comparison and refers to it later in the article. (But he really makes no disparaging comments about Pedroia)

- He gets in yet another subtle dig in at the Daisuke phenomenon when he says Daisuke Matsuzaka may be the greatest pitcher who ever lived. Just let it go Dan.

- And oh yes, another reference to the gyroball. It is at least the second time in the past 10 days where Shaughnessy ends a column with a little quip about the mystical gyroball pitch, this time wondering if the Boston College players will see it tonight. Just let it go Dan.

Shaughnessy's consecutive days writing streak continues--coming up on two straight weeks. Some blog responders might suggest he is fighting for his job.


Chris said...

He probably IS fighting for his job, and he deserves to LOSE that fight. I don't care if Dan is 'Queen Bee' or even Aunt Bee for that matter. His fossilized status as 'Elder Statesman' at The Globe isn't cause to retain him; it's cause to DISCARD him. Every time some little Juanita calls my home from the Glob's tele-sales department, asking me whether I'd like to 'subscribe to the Globe for thirteen cents a week,' I respond in my best Mexican accent by saying, 'Not as long as Curly-Haired Boyfriend is still writing for you.'

Juanita just said, 'Si, Senor.'

dbvader said...

Dan may or may not be the greatest columnist who ever lived.

Dan really has a hangup with pasty white people. He wrote that John Henry was a 'whiter shade of pale.' Dan is one to talk.

Paul said...

Shank wasn't too bad today but that's like saying that a soup sandwich is better because it's less soggy.

The "pasty white" thing got to me too. Is that a back handed comment on the lack of people with more melanin in their skin on the team? If not why say that? Boston is very multi-cultural. We have lots of Irish, Polish, French-Canadian, Italian, African-American and Hispanic people who live in New England. "Pasty White"...Hey, Shank, look in the friggin' mirror!

Dice-K is here. He's going to be here for the next 3-4 years at the very least. He's the best pitcher in Japan. Think the Japanese version of Clemens or Pedro (both in their prime). Can you blame the Japanese media for covering the story? Again, Dice-K is here. The Japanese Media are here. They aren't going away any time soon. Get over it!

Personally, I think it's great! If it pisses Shank off, I'm happy! Plus, he comes off as an intolerant New Englander. Red Sox Nation is ready to welcome Our Man From Japan with open arms.

JackTanner said...

A whole site to bash Dan shaughnessy - fabolo! I thought I was the only one. It must have been really tough for Dan getting cut from his LL team but you'd think he'd drop the chip off his shoulder by now. I love the pasty white comments - it's incredible how how ones like him can be so just so aware of the melanin challenges and accompanying inherent racism of others that they themselves are in denial about - or sumpin like that.

mouse said...

Oh if only Shank were fighting for a job. That'd just be too good to be true.

Aside from the "pasty-white" obsession, I love how he refers to Schilling as "40 year-old Curt Schilling," as if that's his whole name. We know, Dan--he isn't a spring chicken anymore.

And we don't need a columnist to tell us that there's a huge difference between college ball and the majors. Any baseball fan knows that. The alarmist in Dan would've been skewering Josh Beckett if he hadn't blown away the Huskies yesterday. I mean, duh.

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