Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He Can't Resist

Dan writes the game story and the Notebook today. He plays it straight overall, but two notes show Dan's true colors.

First is this note: "Among those in the Sox media guide with bios longer than Theo Epstein's: Dr. Charles Steinberg and Larry Cancro."

If Dan was more interested in facts than stirring the pot, he would realize that Steinberg and Cancro have longer bios because they are decades older than Theo. Cancro has been with the Red Sox for over 20 years.

The second irrelevant note is: "Roger Dean Stadium here in Jupiter is where Grady Little managed his first game with the Red Sox in 2002."

Hey Curly Haired Cursemonger. The Red Sox won in 2004. Sorry it took your meal ticket away, but fans have moved on and do not care about meaningless trivia.


Chris said...

'Dear God:

I know I work for the Boston Globe where religion is a bad word, but I'm praying to you in thanks anyway. I thank thee for allowing my dear friend, Ron Borges, to take me off the radar screen for a few days. He and I are the most hated people at a newspaper that is increasingly hated itself. I know by spending weeks on end down here in Florida, spending lavishly on the company dime and doing as little real work as possible, I run the risk of getting people up in frost-bitten New England angry with me. They do anyway. But I'm glad you decided to take your wrath out on him rather than me, at least for this week.


Your friend,

Dan Shaughnessy

Greg said...

Dan Shaughnessy is an alien.
See Picture
. He writes crazy, extreme stories and tries to pull people with him, but it doesn't work on me! Though I do say thank you for taking a picture in Chicago with me.

Dave M said...

Greg - great pic. Thanks for sharing. He seems like such a lovable guy.

Speaking of Dan, where the hell is he? He wrote stories for almost two weeks straight and now he is nowhere to be seen. Poor guy must be tuckered out.