Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's time to put an end to this fruitless crusade

I was giddy for a moment after reading the above title to today's column. Alas, Dan is not leaving the Globe.

Instead, he is talking about the Holy Cross Men's Basketball team. Nothing like some Patriot League talk to get you fired up for March Madness. Maybe HC in the Tournament can be the catalyst for a truce between Dan and Bill Simmons. Those two are the only people I can figure would care for this column.

Completely Random Reference Watch:
"Fifty-four years. That's before Robert Parish was born..."

"...led the Crusaders past the Deacons five days after Jim Rice was born in Anderson, S.C."


TomG said...

Hey, guess what. I go to holy cross, and I care. I thought that the article was needlessly negative, but at least we're getting some press. I read this blog all the time, but I think you guys swung and missed on this one...

Paul said...

This isn't about Shank but it is about the Globe.

Why do they have an article on Tina "Large Mouth Bass" Cervasio? Is it so we will take it easier on her in the upcoming season? It says in the piece that she doesn't want to be a distraction during the games. There are only two things I hit the mute button for during Red Sox games; Bob's Discount Furniture commercials and when they cut to Tina during the game.

Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. She has no chemistry with Don and Jerry. She isn't funny or interesting. And she's from NY. Couldn't they have found someone local to do sideline reporting? It think it's a little cronyism on Tom Werner's part.

Please, if anyone from NESN is reading this blog (I know Tina won't because she said she doesn't read the blogs anymore), get rid of her! If you want a woman to do the reporting, great! Find someone local or someone who brings something to the table. Thanks for letting me vent on this non-Shank issue. :)

Jonny Jaha said...

Curt Schilling calls out teh CHB the other day on his blog

ObjectiveBruce said...

Unh, the Great Schill "calls out" Shaugnessy? How is a linguistically smirking reference to a column published sometime in the past 23 years, without dates or quotes, with no context other than to heave a cheap shot, to be considered "calling out."

It makes the Great Schill look like an ass. Perhaps, for openers, that a hall of fame caliber player leaving and calling his teammates "losers" had something to do with the team's situation at the time (The Great Schill doesn't provide any context), while a justify a pitcher bolting the ballpark in the middle of a pennant race may be a different matter. One may even disagree with the distinctions reached in the two columns, but The Great Bloggin' Schill seems to prefer the cheap shot.

But then, it comes from the Great Schill. And we loooove to coo when he opens his mough.

The Chief said...

What's a "mough," Bruce? Is it anything like a "Moop?"

Chris said...

objectivebruce isn't one of those being shipped to Bangalore, now is he? I worship anyone who trashes the Boston Globe or its writers/columnists. Serving only as a mouthpiece for the DNC, the liberally-aligned Globe has been brought down several pegs and it is great to see. Plus, everyone there is too bloody full of themselves. Call is 'Shaughnessy-itis.'

Dave M said...

tomg-sorry to see HC lose. I am a fan and was hoping to see a little magiv

OBruce: I thought Schiling's point was valid. Instead of ranting about 23 years (?) and the lack of specific references, why don't you objectively refute the point that Schilling makes about Shaughnessy. Could it be that you are not so objective after all?

Anonymous said...

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