Monday, March 26, 2007

The Long Regional Nightmare is Over

Dan has returned to write for the Globe after some time away from the pages, including a week spent putting up with Jim Rome's ranting. (An authentic Chicago Blitz pennant for anyone who can satisfactorily explain how Jim Rome continues to have a job discussing sports. If it weren't for sycophantic interviews, stupid emails, and two-second pauses, the guy wouldn't have a show.)

Contrary to rumblings on the internet, a freshly tanned Dan is not returning to Boston after failing to land the role of Beaker in the touring company of the Muppet Show.

Whatever the reason for the return, Dan blessed us with a couple of "blog posts" on Extra Bases yesterday afternoon. In the first, Dan mentions that the first pitch of the game was between the "key players in the infamous Sox-Marlins deal when Theo Epstein was gone in November of 2005." There is so much in there for Dan to feast on. He must have thanked the Fat #3 in the Sky for this random occurrence. At least we were spared any "Curse of Hanley Ramirez" mention. Dan is probably leaving that for Daniel Shaughnessy III to write about.

Dan ends the second post with this typical gem: "Bill James was in the press box, reviewing his creation of the 2007 Red Sox." Either Dan believes this and is an idiot who has failed to comprehend any report about James' role in the Front Office, or it is an attempt to ridicule "Young Theo" for using statistics more advanced than batting average. Either way, it is another example of Dan's inability to offer any analysis that advances the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Dan is in rare form today. Quite the venemous rant against Curt and his minions. The CHB sounds jealous Schilling has started a blog.

Eklof 22 said...

Doesn't he just! Today's piece is like something a high school student would write as revenge in a school journal.

Oh well, at least it allows me to further liken the CHB to Frank Grimes of the Simpsons.

Actually created a whole new 'label'
for the topic and everything.

Anonymous said...

Rome still has a show because it''s the word..."popular." Yeah, that's it.

dbvader said...

I know that a large segment of sports media consumers are idiots, but Rome's shows are awful. He is a sanctimonious prick with a tired shtick. His radio show consists of namedropping, tangential rants, and lame inside jokes. He is so over the top that I assume his act is just a big joke.