Saturday, April 29, 2006

Striking Memories

Dan continues his pitch to Roger Clemens, tossing him lines in the hopes the Rocket will hook up with the Red Sox.

Today's meatball: Remembering the anniversary of Clemens' first 20-strikeout game, 20 years ago today.

It's a fairly detailed account of the night, with some interesting side notes (the Globe's beat writer, Larry Whiteside, had the night off and thus missed the historic game) and some odd non-sequiturs ("While Patriots fans were digesting the résumé of SMU running back Reggie Dupard, who'd been selected earlier that day in the first round of the NFL draft, Clemens struck out the side ... in the first inning" -- as if Pats fans are supposed to care about some kid pitcher throwing on an April night).

The CHB closes with his "heater": "Roger Clemens is still able to pitch. Twenty years and seven Cy Youngs after his first great moment, he is being recruited to come home to Fenway where it all began." Of course, what Shaughnessy doesn't mention is all throws at the head he made at Clemens during the first six or so years of his exile from Boston. Call it memory loss, I guess.


The Couch Potato said...

This from the guy who coined the phrase 'Texas Con Man'? He obviously thinks both Clemens and Globe readers have long term memory impairment.

DougH said...

My biggest problem with the article (mostly becuase I refused to read it past this point), was the contention that the game was not on radio.


I listened to the game on the radio (in the Greater Boston area). It may have been bumped from the flagship, but it was definitely on.

The game was on NESN, which nobody subscribed to (compared to today), and was sparsely attended, but it was definitely on the radio.

jc said...

I think the 'Texas Con Man' name was coined by the late Will McDonough, not CHB.

The Couch Potato said...

jc - you're right. It was McDonough - I remembered that later in the day. I stand corrected.

(Can I get a pass though since it seems like Shaughnessy is a McDonough wannabe? :-) )

fadedredsoxhat said...

CHB couldnt carry Willie's Depends. Monday's column is a good example of why he couldn't. He mailed it in, big time! What a lazy piece of work! How does he keep getting away with it?