Friday, April 28, 2006

Out of Gas at the Beanpot

This is what life should be: The CHB covering college baseball, out of harm's way and where no one's the wiser.

With the C's and B's on a spring break that will last until fall, the Red Sox out of town and the Globe out of money, Dan is confined to the East Coast's version of the Friendly Confines for ...(drum roll) ...a Harvard-Boston College baseball game.


Among the observations of this man of letters:
* "It was weird to see Fenway virtually empty ..."
* " Another weird thing was the metal bats ... "
* "College baseball in New England is nothing like big-time college football, basketball, or hockey."
*That some scrub named Pete Frates who came into the game hitting .184 went 4 for 4, making it "probably the best day of [his] life."

The remarkable thing is, The CHB almost sounds sincere. Of course, the last time he covered this game, another kiss-ass piece back in May 2004, he told the world that a then 21-year-old Harvard player named Zak Farkes "plans to finish his studies at Harvard ... and knows the value of the Harvard degree," "apparently ... can hit," and "Farkes can play."

Dan wore the collar on that one. Farkes skipped his last year of school to sign with the Red Sox, and hit all of .174 last year in 40 games for the single-A Lowell Spinners.

Given that curse the CHB (the Curse of the CHB?) laid on Frakes, poor Pete Frates had better look both ways before crossing those Cambridge streets.


John Farrell said...

What does CHB stand for (said the newbie)?


The Chief said...

The Curly Haired Boyfriend, courtesy of Carl Everett.

jenny said...

4 seconds of research reveals that you should have said "Chestnut Hill streets" instead of "Cambridge streets," because Frakes goes to BC (hence the comment about him hitting against Schilling, which was a BC game, not a Harvard game, unless CHB got that wrong). It's also pathetic that my cousin went there and I had to look up what town it was in, but we'll just let that one slide ;-)

After that pointless nitpick, I have to say I kind of liked the column. It was heartwarming, in a cheesy, sort of slimy way. I mean, not only did these kids get to play in Fenway, they also got to be harrassed by Boston's most notorious, hated columnist! The experience is complete!

John Farrell said...

thanks, chief--LOL.

The Chief said...

jenny, i live in chestnut bad drivers on our streets!

you're right -- frakes goes to BC. my goof.