Friday, April 21, 2006

Story is Proof that Dan's Peak is Past

OK -- today's effort, on Larry Bird's lending his name to a brand of wines, was a good column. Only one problem: It's old news!

Really old, in fact.

This story came out Nov. 10, 2005, following heavy media saturation by the distributor. It's been covered by ESPN, CNN, SI, USA Today, Slate and just about every news channel imaginable.

Dan got scooped on a Larry Bird story by Wine Spectator. How low can life go?


Gnopple said...

"It's simply more proof that our pal Larry will do anything for money (which, by the way, makes him OK in my book)."

Ha ha. Shaughnessy sucks.

jenny said...

Biggest revelation in the column: there are people in his office who are willing to get close to him and potentially engage in conversation with him. Unless "Barbara" and "Joe" from Indiana are his invisible friends or something.

I love the last line of the column:

"I called Larry to break his chops and tell him how much we enjoyed his wine, but he hasn't called me back yet."

This guy really does not get it, does he? I know he adores Larry Bird to the point of being very creepy. But he wonders why Boston's greatest basketball player doesn't feel like taking the time to call back an ugly, irrelevant columnist who just wrote a piece on 5-month-old news in which he ambiguously makes fun of him for being a hypocritical money-grubber? Really, Dan? I don't associate the assessment "a little too thin" or "not bad once it got going" as ringing endorsements, so were you being sarcastic about the wine?

Okay, I"m confusing myself. I'll stop now.

The Couch Potato said...

What's the matter, Dan? No calls from Dr Charles Steinberg this week? Or has he stopped speaking to you, too?

jenny said...

I honestly don't know why Steinberg still has a job. It's pretty clear that as an ultimate Lucchino flunkey he had something to do with all the leaking going on, and my friend, who worked for the Orioles when Steinber did, says that he and Theo have not liked each other since Theo was 18. I thought he would get the axe back in January. Maybe it's still coming.

The Couch Potato said...

Maybe we should start wearing t-shirts like the Johnny Damon fan club had. Instead of 'WWJDD', they could say 'WDCSD' (what does Charles Steinberg do)

dbvader said...

You should highlight Ryan as the anti-Shank. Today he submitted a thoughtful and original column. He did not need personal insults, manufactured controversy, or irrelevant filler to write his column. Yet we are subjected to CHB getting the lead column for each important Boston sporting moment.

dbvader said...

Also, OB answer the ####### question. I have asked you a series of direct questions yet you have chosen not to respond. Step up and answer them.