Thursday, September 08, 2016

Manufacturing Returns To Massachusetts

Ford? General Electric? No, it's Shank trying to create controversy:
The Patriots will play the 2016 season in silent fury.

There will be no sabre-rattling in the locker room or at the podium. Nobody in Foxborough is going to admit they are mad as hell. There will be no public displays of anger or outrage.

But it’s there. The Patriots are the Hatriots. We feel it every day and will notice it on every play. We hear it in the things that are not said. The seething. The simmering. It’s the nonstop notion that Tom Brady and the Patriots got railroaded. All New England fans know that the Patriots are the victims of a jealous league and a commissioner intent on showing that he is the boss.

While angry Patriots fans call talk shows, script hateful tweets, and wear vile anti-Goodell garb, the folks who coach and play the games are going to have to take out their revenge in the stadiums of NFL America. That is the plan.
This almost sounds like he borrowed a few paragraphs from a column he did on Spygate years ago.

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Ivan DeJesus said...

Mailing it on Morrissey Boulevard.