Thursday, September 15, 2016

Duplicity, Or Just Full Of Shit?

Shank's well versed at talking out of both sides of his mouth. Yesterday, for instance, you see with the last post (below) the umpteenth time Shank takes a shit on the Red Sox for winning one game big and losing the preceding / following game in a low-scoring nail-biter. On the same day, he harkens back to the 1967 Red Sox, where he says, in part...
So this is NOT just like ’67. But it’s really fun. And the notion of four teams fighting for first place gives a little tingle to Baby Boomer (it’s always about us) Red Sox fans.
So, it's fun to watch these stat-padding Red Sox, except when they're padding their stats. Then again, that's as close to consistent as we'll get from Shank.

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Anonymous said...

To review, the media loathes Pedro, Manny and Ortiz who actually won the world series and loves Yaz and company who lost it.

Best sports writers in the country