Friday, September 16, 2016

Damn Yankees

What a present for Shank! He gets to write about what seems to be his favorite type of topic - a painful, excruciating and devastating loss.
How do you recover from this?

The Yankees — once all powerful but now The Little Train That Could — suffered a devastating setback at Fenway Thursday night. Leading the Red Sox, 5-1, in the eighth, and 5-2 with two outs in the ninth, New York was beaten by Hanley Ramirez’s three-run walkoff shot into the center-field bleachers off Dellin Betances.

“This one really hurts,’’ said Yankee manager Joe Girardi.

“A lot of guys in this room are really [expletive] off right now,’’ said third baseman Chase Headley. “We really want to come back and win tomorrow night.’’
It's impossible to read this column, note the rare quality within and come to any other conclusion - Shank loves to write about losing teams.

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