Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Controversy Created

Shank finds an angle with which to stir the pot with respect to the Patriots:
Don’t look now, but Patriots have a quarterback controversy

Quarterback controversy.

It is the bane of existence for all NFL head coaches. The Clown Show New York Jets have a quarterback controversy just about every other week. The Bills and Dolphins also specialize in quarterback controversies.

This is one of the reasons the Patriots have been able to win their Tomato Can Division in 13 of the last 15 seasons. The Jets, Dolphins, and Bills have had loser quarterbacks during this stretch.

Think about it, people. In the 15 years since Tom Brady took over as quarterback of the Patriots, who would be the “next-best” quarterback in the division? Chad Pennington, perhaps? In an aggregate 45 seasons of Jets, Bills, and Fins, the best they can come up with is Chad Pennington?
He gives the game away in the next paragraph:
Now the Patriots have a quarterback controversy of their own. Sort of.

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Spense said...

just an update, I haven't purchased a BG in over 6 years because of Shank, and I won't until he is fired or retires in disgrace, such a jackass. It's a shame he's still alowed to write.