Thursday, August 04, 2016

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - XL

The march to bring dormitories across the street from UMass-Boston continues apace:
The Boston Globe has enlisted its newsroom's help in its ongoing reinvention, according to a memo from Editor Brian McGrory — but may be forced to lay off some of that newsroom staff in the near future.

WGBH News media analyst Dan Kennedy obtained a Globe memo outlining a "very broad vision statement" for the future of the paper, following the solicitation of ideas from about department heads and "thought leaders" in the newsroom.

Now, four teams of 12 people each are working on recommendations for the future of the paper, focusing on newsroom culture, workflow, editorial mission, and the business side of the paper.

"… we’re not here to move deck chairs around," McGrory writes in the memo.
Haven't heard that one before...

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