Thursday, August 11, 2016

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - XLI

Maybe the idiots at the Boston Globe need to rethink a few things about their current paywall policy (which is easily defeated by deleting your browser cookies):
Washington (AFP) - Paywalls were supposed to help rescue newspapers from the crisis of sinking print circulation as readers shifted to getting their news online.

But with a few exceptions, they have failed to deliver much relief, prompting some news organizations to rethink their digital strategies.

Newspapers in the English-speaking world ended paywalls some 69 times through May 2015, including 41 temporary and 28 permanent drops, according to a study by University of Southern California researchers.

Paywalls "generate only a small fraction of industry revenue," with estimates ranging from one percent in the United States to 10 percent internationally, the study in July's International Journal of Communication said.
If it's not clear to anyone by now that John Henry bought the Globe as a pure real estate play, and not as some noble effort at saving a partisan rag in order to churn out more leftist propaganda, then you have your head up your ass.

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ObjectiveBruce said...

And you don't think Purcell's purchase of the Herald was for the real estate, as well as a platform to influence the BRA to grant needed permits for the redevelopment of Wingo Square?

E-subscriptions are an important part of the rate base; the total number isn't important. Access to content clearly can be gained by clearing the cache, which is why some premium content is password protected.

Clearly if newspapers go away all the websites offering free news aggregation will simply whether and die for lack of content, they steal most of their content from the pencil press