Friday, August 05, 2016

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Eight days after berating Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for not speaking to the media, Shank finally gets his wish.
Tom Brady speaks!

Stop the presses. Freeze Twitter. Close the New York Stock Exchange for 10 minutes. Interrupt all Trump coverage.

Brady ended his six-month silence Friday morning at Patriots practice when he took eight questions from the local football media for approximately five minutes. It was a shoutdown frenzy, and Tom found
Were you happy with Brady's comments?

We got Patriotspeak. Bradyspeak. Zzzzzzz.
And the home stretch:
So now we know how it’s going to be. No surprise there. Led by quarterback Tom Brady — who has been court-ordered to wear the Scarlet D of Deflategate — the Patriots are going to carry themselves publicly as if none of this over-punishment is happening. And then they are going to scorch the earth of Goodell’s NFL America.
That might be the first time Shank described Brady's four game suspension as over-punishment, but in every single column about Deflategate that he wrote, it is perfectly clear that Shank's quite pleased it happened.

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