Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Big Ploppy

File under So What?

Today Shank does a double rip on those who had -- and gave away -- David Ortiz.

Over and over, [Twins GM Terry] Ryan has had to explain why he so casually dismissed one of the greatest sluggers of this generation.  
But there is another team that let go of David Ortiz: the Seattle Mariners. 
The Mariners had Big Papi in their stable for the first five years of his professional life, and they were no better than the Twins at evaluating what he would become.

But let's recall who else dismissed Ortiz's ability: The CHB, who once referred to the man who has surpassed Ted Williams in lifetime homers as a "sad sack of you know what."

Guess what else is a sad sack of you know what? Shank's column.

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