Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wanting It Both Ways - II

Every now and then, the Shankster's columns make for national mock and ridicule. Yesterday's column is one of them. A brief sample of the comments:
Screw you, Shaughnessy. This is such an obvious setup for a potential post-Pats-loss "ha, ha, you suckers thought this team was invincible" column that it's ridiculous.

Colt 45, Pats 10. I normally would think the Pats would win this game, but the author of that article just buried the Pats in his douchiness.

It's just that (a) Shaughnessy's trolling is 100% predictable and paint-by-numbers, (b) someone actually pays him a salary to do it, and pays to send him on the road to cover large events, and (c) as somedude210 said, people outside New England read CHB and think he speaks for us when locals generally hate him with the fire of a thousand suns.

What a cocksucker. Does he not watch the NFL? Is he not aware that the Colts beat San Fran, Denver, and Seattle?

Wait, CHB is calling the Colts lucky? Did he watch the Patriots play at all this season?

If the Patriots' success hinged on how big a douche their sportswriters were, they wouldn't have won a game since the Nixon administration.

Pay no attention to the hack behind the curtain. He is just trying to pump up the market for his new book about the Curse of the Hobbino, which explores the widespread belief that the Patriots will never win another Super Bowl due to their mistreatment of star defensive back Ellis Hobbs.

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Anonymous said...

"...Dan Shaughnessy wrote in the Boston Globe, "No wonder players loathe the media."

Recently, Shaughnessy said, "I've never been an investigative reporter. I'm not really interested in that. It's not what I got into this for."..."