Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finger On The Pulse

Hayden Bird of Streetwise Media is all over Shank's schtick:
Every Time I Read Dan Shaughnessy, I Die a Little Inside

Calm down people, and ignore the troll. He plays a very cynical game with New England sports fans, and to his Machiavellian credit, he usually wins. Whether it's waxing poetic about the Red Sox being sure to suck this year, or conjuring David Ortiz PED rumors out of thin air, he types words without ever actually saying anything himself. His only intention, which he clings to desperately, is to upset and anger the largest number of local fans possible. For this reason, I die a little inside every time I read him.

I can't quite tell if it's his obviously cynical strategy to troll the hell out of New England fans just to get attention, or simply the fact that he genuinely doesn't care if he's actually right about anything. Like some curly-haired, red-cheeked Voldemort, he just doesn't seem to have a soul.
I can't speak for Hayden here, but I don't die myself one little bit when I read Shank's columns; he's not worth it.

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