Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Rem Dawg Returns

Jerry Remy, on a self-imposed television exile since the August 2013 indictment of his son Jared on murder charges, will return to NESN this year to broadcast Red Sox games.
In an emotional and unconventional half-hour session in a NESN boardroom Monday, Jerry Remy met with a small group of reporters and told us he has decided to come back for a 27th season as color commentator on Red Sox telecasts.

The hardest part was . . .

All of it.

Every word. Every pause. Every question. Every answer. Every attempt to hold back tears. All of it was hard. None of it was easy. Nothing will ever be easy again for Jerry Remy or any of the families devastated by the murder of Jennifer Martel.

“Call me a bad father if you want,’’ Remy said softly when asked about the series of crimes and reports that have been a plague on his house. “But I’ll be damned if my wife is not a good parent.’’

You know the tragic story. Remy, 61, was cruising through his 26th season in the broadcast booth last August when his son Jared was arrested and charged with the murder of Martel, the 27-year-old woman who was the mother of Jared Remy’s then-4-year-old daughter. A troubled man with a lengthy criminal record, Jared Remy is incarcerated awaiting trial, and multiple families are forever damaged.
The column reads as sympathetic towards Jerry Remy, a notable change from Shank's usual M.O. of hyperbolic criticism, passing of judgment and running athletes out of town. In fact, I'll add that Shank's restraint here is remarkable. At least he's consistent in this particular situation.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't read it, because you did. Remy certainly has a right to make a living if NESN wants him, some questions that Dan or any of the other note takers could have asked last night but didn't include:

1. Who in Red Sox management gave the go ahead to give Jared a job in security AFTER his 1st domestic arrest in '03?

2. Remy on EEI this morning told the hosts that both John Henry and John Farrell have reached out to him and been very supportive.

3. No one asked Remy if anyone from his family asked Miss Martel to drop a restraining order?

That's fine, but at the same time can you imagine the wailing and moaning that would take place if it were found out that Bob Kraft or Bill Belichick had reached out to Mama Hernandez over the summer?

There'd be much beating of the chest demanding answers.

Phrases like ACCOUNTABILITY and DUE DILLIGENCE would be tossed around over and over again.