Friday, January 24, 2014

Peace And Quiet

Now that Shank doesn't have the Patriots to kick around anymore, he turns his attention to the 2014 Red Sox, his column possibly motivated by the recent free agent signings by the New York Yankees.
Listen . . .

Hear that sound of silence? The big fat nothing?

This is the sound of the Red Sox offseason of 2013-14. Neil Diamond no doubt would call it “a beautiful noise.’’
Nope, not dating ourselves here!
The Red Sox are the reigning world champs and everything is just swell in the Nation. The Sox can do no wrong. They can lose their starting center fielder, shortstop, and catcher and hear nothing but applause from the cheap (and expensive) seats. The Boston Strong, worst-to-first campaign of 2013 has made the Sox almost bulletproof from question and criticism.
So, let's devote a column to the relative inaction of the Red Sox' offseason.

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