Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back On The Bandwagon, Etc.

Every now and then, Shank writes an interesting column that makes many valid points, is well written and grips you from beginning to end.

This is not one of those columns...

Instead we get another picked up pieces column; it's like an early Christmas present, except you feel like you're in county lockup when you're opening it.
Picked-up pieces while making plans for the Patriots in the AFC Championship game . . .
Seems like only yesterday when Shank was making plans... to go to Vail instead.
Why did we waste so much time on Albert Haynesworth when we had Andre Carter here all along?
Might be the same reason we all jumped off the Patriots bandwagon two weeks ago...
What a story it will be if Jacoby Ellsbury is named American League Most Valuable Player Monday. He’s got a better chance than you might think.
Shank did nothing but shit on Ellsbury in print and on the radio for nearly the entire 2010 season, and now says it's a good story? A better story would be for Shank to say he was wrong about Ellsbury. Then again, I'm probably not getting that unicorn for my birthday, either.
I’m gonna miss Geno on the big board at the end of Celtics home victories.
Shank's favorite decade - the Sixties or Seventies? It's a tough call!

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Anonymous said...

RE: Shank shit on Ellsbury

Can we start a Christmas Gift drive to collect special items for the Shank.

I'll donate some Ellsubry Wine for the holiday spirit.

"Elder be ye Lady's tree, burn it not or cursed ye'll be"