Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back To The Red Sox

Shank's latest concern about the Sox - what's up with the managers they're interviewing?
Yesterday it was Gene Lamont, a 64-year-old man who has been in professional baseball for 47 years. On Friday it was Torey Lovullo, a veteran of nine seasons managing in the minors. Last Wednesday, it was Sandy Alomar Jr., a nice former player with no managerial experience.

Before that, it was 60-year-old bench coach Pete Mackanin with his nifty handkerchief, great hair, and iPad. We’ve also seen Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum, the man who made us all forget Wendell “Send ’Em In’’ Kim.

No-Names On Parade. This is the theme of the Red Sox managerial search in November 2011.
I think the column makes some good points, but 1) this is the first positive mention of former Sox manager Joe Morgan in about five years (convenient, when it helps Shank) and 2) he mentions, among others, Bobby Valentine and Ozzie Guillen as a preferred type of manager? Is he serious? He's just stirring the pot again, right?


John said...

I would have loved to have seen Ozzie Guillen rip Shank a new one week after week...

Anonymous said...

Shank states that in a manager, the Sox need someone with …
“..... strength, presence, pedigree. They need somebody with chops.”

I guess Shank is implying that we need a certain hierarchy and control mechanism to our game.

Wouldn’t that be dandy for Shank … he needs hierarchy (Shank wants to be on top) and control (Shank likes to talk a big game) ... however …

… with so much information available to the players … you have to assume that each player has an entourage of personal information managers … one would ascertain that the players have as much info at their fingertips that the fraudulent Bill James has ….

The Point = you can organize all you want, you can bust all the chops you want, in the current era of baseball the players make all the decisions that determine performance.

Logically, a player’s manager could be most effective.

That must drive Shank crazy … the controlling freak he is.