Friday, November 11, 2011

The Obligatory Penn State Column

Longtime readers of this site / Shank's columns are aware of his occasional tendency towards the sanctimonious. I was expecting just that with this column, and Shank delivers.
Penn State should cancel the rest of its football season.


Legendary coach Joe Paterno and school president Graham B. Spanier were fired by the Board of Trustees late Wednesday night, and these same officials would do well to take the next step and announce the cancellation of the remainder of Penn State’s football season, starting with tomorrow’s “big game’’ against Nebraska.

Then send pink slips to everyone working on the football staff.

It’s time to start over, folks. This has gone on far too long already.
I'm having trouble figuring out why the players should be punished if Shank's sanctions were to become enforced. I think it's obvious Shank doesn't care about / didn't consider that angle.


Anonymous said...

Cowboy Shank, our fearless Biggest Sherriff in Town, likes to shoot first and then ask questions later.

The hypocrite that he is though … he is blind to what happened right here in his backyard starting back in 1973.

See the article “From Another Era And Another Sport, A Sex Abuse Scandal Still Inflicting Pain Today” at the link

And to think that the Holy Cathedral of Boston (Fenway Park) played host to lowest scum of the earth … but does Cowboy Shank do the investigative reporting to help us sort things out … no!

So Shank shoots his mouth off to demonstrate that he has emotions just like all of us … it would be nice though if Sherriff Typo used his brain first … perhaps we could all deal with this issue of abuse of other human beings.



Monkeesfan said...

The worst part is I don't remember the Fitspatrick scandal getting close to the umbrage Joe Paterno is getting - it got discussion for maybe a week and then disappeared.