Saturday, September 03, 2011

Shank On Keegan Bradley

Making up for lost time, Shank cranks out his third column in as many days. He's covering the Deutsche Bank Champoinship golf tournament again and has a local angle in Mr. Bradley.
NORTON - Eight years ago, he was one of the dozens of gangly, mumbling high school athletes who trudge into our building on Morrissey Boulevard to get their photo taken in recognition of athletic excellence.

Keegan Bradley of Hopkinton High was our Division 2 golfer of the year in 2003. He got his picture in the Sunday Globe and went to the annual awards reception at the Braintree Marriott to have lunch (chicken fingers, hot dogs), pose for more photos, and pick up his plaque. North Shore legend Dick Jauron (then coach of the Chicago Bears) was the guest speaker and the former Yale star had the undivided attention of the swimmers from Weston, footballers from Everett, and the tall shaggy-haired golfer from the Tri-Valley League.

So, there you go. Before he was a PGA champion, Keegan Bradley was a Globe All-Scholastic.
Shank fails to ask the most important question of all - where's Keegan gonna take a piss?

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