Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drew Magary Not A Shank Fan

Checking out the daily Deadspin funbag, we get a not-so-subtle reminder of Drew's opinion of the ace Boston Globe sports columnist:
By the way, speaking of the Red Sox, did you see this fucking Shaughnessy column? Did you? The only thing worse than Pubeface's column is the Schwab ad-style artwork of his big stupid face over in the sidebar.

We are reeling. Our world no longer makes sense... Have there been worse days in the history of New England sports?

Oh, God. EAT A BAG OF AIDS. Your football team lost in Week 2 and your baseball team has won two titles in the past decade. OMIGAWD! IT'S BILL BUCKYDENTNAHHHBOONE ALL OVAH AGAIN! What a complete ass. When a Boston team wins, he's an ass. When a Boston team loses, he's an ass. AMERICA IS SUFFERING FROM YOUR CUNTINESS.
I'm guessin' that Drew's not much of a New England fan either...


Paul said...

Didn't the Pats lose in the third week of the season?

Anonymous said...

Putrid is too kind a word to describe the tripe dumped on us by Shank.

Malicious makes more sense.

By the way - Green tripe is highly recommended by the advocates of Raw Food for dogs.