Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Return Of Captain Obvious

Our guy has a firm grasp on the self-evident:
Still tied, one game left

Season on line for Sox tonight

BALTIMORE - So now it comes to this: One hundred and sixty one games played, one to go. Are the 2011 Red Sox going to go down as the greatest chokers of all time or are they going to make the playoffs?

Led by the first two homers of Ryan Lavarnway’s career, the staggering Sox beat the Orioles, 8-7, last night and remain tied with Tampa Bay in the American League wild-card race. Beleaguered manager Terry Francona tonight hands the ball to struggling lefthander Jon Lester while the Rays joust with the Yankees one last time on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

“We’re just going to come in here and play our butts off and see what happens,’’ said de facto captain Dustin Pedroia. “Nobody’s going to have any regrets. We’re going leave it all out there.’’
"...and give 110 percent & take it one game at a time... oh, wait - this is the one game!"

The rest of Shank's column is your standard game recap, Erik Bedard gets a nickname from him ("Big Game" Bedard), and other facts & things that he repeats from his prior two columns.


Anonymous said...


Brilliance = "Our guy has a firm grasp on the self-evident"

... and he gets paid big bucks for being such a simpleton.


BrettR4763 said...

Shaughnessy just showed off his idiocy to the NESN TV audience, sticking to his guns when Heidi told him that the Rays had the bases loaded with NOBODY OUT. Any simpleton knows that bases loaded, nobody out is a recipe for disaster, and guess what? 7-6, top of the ninth.

Shaughnessy jinxed the game! And to think he "earned" a paycheck for that...