Friday, September 23, 2011

Shank Finally Snaps

It's been a tough two weeks, watching the Red Sox lose a buttload of games. Shank isn't going to take it anymore:
With nowhere else to turn, I called baseball commissioner Bud Selig yesterday.

Left him a message:

Please, Bud. This is your chance to think outside the box. You have sweeping powers that enable you to make unilateral decisions “in the best interests of baseball.’’

How about banishing the 2011 Red Sox from postseason play on the grounds of horsebleep play for the entire month of September?
Nothing like an over the top thought to kick off a column. And now we get to the stand-up comedy routine:
Really, how do you root for these guys anymore? They have the third-highest payroll in baseball. One of the players talked about winning 100 games at the start of spring training. A local tabloid touted them as “Best Team Ever’’ before a game was played.
Remember who else was on that bandwagon?

What a difference six months makes!

Oh - and Bruce? Stay off this site if you value your anonymity. I have a post, ready to go, with the 'Best of OB Quotes' and that NECN clip from April of last year that will remove any doubt as to your identity.

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3up3down said...

Dan's been hanging with the boys in the bar again, and I think he stole most of their sentiments. Liquored-up tough guy! Ha!