Monday, September 26, 2011

Distress Call

Shank has his best material to write with in the last two columns - a Red Sox loss and a Patriots loss to the Bills. But take heart, folks - Shank's still on the bandwagon!
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. - We are reeling. Our world no longer makes sense. The Patriots can’t even beat the Buffalo Bills anymore.

In a skittish September of cataclysmic Red Sox freefall, we still had the Patriots over the Bills. It was right there with death, taxes, and the first penalty in Montreal. Just as Rick and Ilsa always had Paris, we always had the Patriots over the Bills. It was a sure thing.

But now it’s all gone. On a day when Tom Brady was intercepted four times, the Patriots blew a 21-0 lead and lost to the Bills, 34-31, in front of 68,174 long-suffering witnesses at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Patriots had beaten the Bills 15 consecutive times since 2003.
A standard game recap ensues, followed by a few quotes from coach Belichick, and topped off by lame Simon & Garfunkel lyrics to mercifully end this standard Shank 'effort'.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Objective Bruce remains active. Shank needs all the support he can link to.

I have been boycotting anything that is Shank written or spoken but following this blog brings a smile to my day.

Why the distress call? … Perhaps because Shank is trapped in his megalomania state of mind.


Roger Bournival said...

The only reason I want him off this site is because he pissed me off (you might see this as petty, but he flipped me off, so I responded in kind. "He drew first blood,not me!"):

ObjectiveBruce said...
Oh, and g?

Dave M. was formidible. Roger's political agenda will make him easy pickings.

6:20 AM, September 03, 2009

This arrogant prick did not say a thing of praise for Dave M. until he stopped posting. Then he makes an error of ego (paraphrase) - my political opinions will be picked apart like vultures in the desert.

How many of these 'pickings' have there been by Bruce in the past two years? They can be counted them on one hand, right?

It took me all of six days to figure out who this pretentious master of self-importance is. I can't find the post right now, but OB admitted less than full command of computers / internet stuff.

Which proves he's let his ego get in the way of false bravado. With my background, I've forgotten more about computers that he'd ever hope to know. A rational person without this level of knowledge might want to not piss off the possessor of these skills.

Well, fine - now he knows.

Anonymous said...


Reflecting on your post of 09/01/2009:

I agree with this observation about the Globe:

“the (Shank) product sucks,”

Later on you state that Shank has some value when:

“he's not pissing on someone or trying his best to run them out of town.”

Shank and the Globe are a match made in heaven = dull, repetitive, elitist, one dimensional bastards.

I have no political allegiance. Before the internet I would read the papers to be enlightened, informed, entertained but over time I realized how the “powers” behind the typewriters are propagandist. Limbaugh is also a master at propoganda.

Thank god for the internet. We now can scan and filter for the truth. Shank has no interest in the truth. He is play acting at all times. The Globe never understood what the people need because the Globe is blinded by elitism. Shank survives because he knows how to play the game of smoke and mirrors within the elitist world.

OB – prove me wrong.