Saturday, September 05, 2009


That's the only way to describe this execrable effort by Shank. Get the barf bags ready and jump right in.

NORTON - Tiger is just like you and me. He occasionally throws a club when he hits a bad shot and he uses a port-o-potty when there is no other option.

That’s right, ladies and gents, Eldrick T. Woods is one of us. If not for the 14 victories in majors, the hundreds of millions of dollars in winnings and endorsements, and his standing as the most famous athlete on the planet, Tiger would be just another guy hacking his way around TPC Boston in this weekend’s Deutsche Bank Championship. He shot a 1-under 70 yesterday and is seven strokes off the lead.

So, Tiger's just like us, except for the fame and riches part!

But you’re still wondering about the trip to the port-o-potty, right?

Um, actually, I wasn't. I was kind of wondering about how Tiger played on Friday, but Dan proceeds, for whatever reason, to devote half the column to Tiger's use of a portable bathroom.

This column exemplifies nearly every criticism of Shank: lazy, contradictory, scattershot and stupid. It's all there, and less...


Anonymous said...

Oh man...this is as rich as cow manure. Let's see where we can take this.

Shaughnessy is a shitty writer and this column was crap. Shaughnessy's writing has been going down the tubes for years and the Globe should just flush him. This column is not worth the toilet paper Shaughnessy wrote it on. He is a lazy turd and I feel the need to light a match whenever I read his stuff. Thank goodness for DSW which serves as the plunger for unplugging the commode known as Dan Shaughnessy.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was just a bad column. I never finished it. Lost interest.

Hopefully Ryan is the Sunday columnist.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that the Shank got caught hanging around the Toilet watching grown men play.

The Shank must be such a popular and innovative leading sports writer that he goes where no man has ever gone to get a story.

I'm sure he submitted an expense ticket to the Globe for digging so deep into the murky story.