Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, It's An Improvement

Shank's weekly CNN / SI column focuses on Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, his coaching career and the upset over the Saints this past Saturday.

Can someone tell me what the hell "boola-boola" is? I think it has something to do with being "pumped and jacked". Maybe it's newfangled professional sports columnist vernacular?

Nice to know Shank's on the Carroll bandwagon this year. Digging through the archives, however, Old Shank had a less than positive opinion of the former Patriots coach:

Pete Carroll: “… little more than a smarter, drug-free Butch Hobson …” Jan. 3, 1999, and “Papa Pete, the drug-free Daddy Butch Hobson of this southbound train …” Nov. 29, 1999


Anonymous said...

Not unlike Shank to change his tune ... I recall for years he couldn't get thru a single column with out taking a swipe at Jim Rice (sound familiar Curt Schilling?) ... then later he was one of Rice's biggest supporters for the HOF.

Anonymous said...


I just read through some of your previous posts and found this from DHL Dan - V:

"but I'm pretty sure most Patriots fans are aware of ..... "

Actually you could say that about all of Shanks reporting on all sports ... he just can not provide any insights on any matter.

Shank's best work seems to emerge when he deals with local sentimental stories - i.e. HS Sports.

When Shank has to deal with "professionals" his "words of wisdom" always come short.