Sunday, January 16, 2011

No More Hype

Thus spake Shank after a week long war of words. The column updates the latest trash talk (by Welker and Scott of the NYJ), compares this game to the Red Sox - Yankees rivalry, treats us to a few Shankisms:

...the greatest upset in the history of the Roman Numeral Game.
...the Auerbachian Belichick.
...and that's about it. As good a column as we'll see out of Shank.


Anonymous said...

No More Rhetoric.

I actually read a what I thought well written article in the Globe today = "Evolution of a Gunman"

then I realized it was written by someone at the NY Times.

Shank should take some lessons from that author.


Monkeesfan said...

Can't wait for Shank to turn on Belichick (again). Will Shank use the argument about not bringing in veteran defensive players, or the one about ignoring the lack of a pass rush, or the "lack of coordinators", or will he bring up the "too many Smurfs" argument about the receivers - will he, gasp, even suggest that trading Randy Moss was a gross error?

Since originality is a quality of which Shank has no ownership, I suppose saying the Patriots did not hit the Jets hard enough won't make it to a Shank column.