Monday, October 11, 2010

The Curse of Juan González?

Shank's weekly CNN / SI article features the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers in the ALDS, currently tied at 2 games apiece. As befits Shank's primary strength, he focuses on the Rangers' playoff futility:

The Texas Rangers might be moving slowly Tuesday night when they play the Tampa Bay Rays in the fifth and deciding game of their American League Division Series. The Rangers will be carrying the weight of five decades of failure. It's a heavy load.

Born as the second version of the Washington Senators in 1961, the Rangers are the only major league franchise which has never won a playoff series. That's oh-for-a-half-century. It's a lot of weight.
A decent column follows, including an Elvis sighting and a few sentences on the Red Sox. Just don't call Shank provincial!


Subway Squawkers said...

Your standard of "decent" is more gentle from mine! He's essentially blaming the Red Sox -- specifically Ted Williams -- for somehow cursing the Rangers! Williams only led the second version of the Senators to the one year they had a winning record, but somehow he's the problem.

Dam also gets a bunch of facts wrong on the Cubs' history.

Anonymous said...

This article sound like The Curse redux.

Cliff Lee doesn’t walk many hitters and the Rangers have some big bats. David Price gave up a few homers last game. That’s where the competition is tonight and not in this redux garbage that the Shank blows.

Why doesn’t the Shank talk about the real dynamics behind game 5. Lee vs. Price. Hamilton + Guerrero vs. Longroria + Crawford.

Can the Rays force Lee to lose control = walks

Can Price contain the best hitting team in the majors?

What does Ted Williams, Red Sox, other histronics have to do with tonight’s game? That is how the professionals approach their craft.