Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Familiar Subject For Shank?

Two or three years after everyone else who follows the National Football League already knows, Shank notices Brett Favre's massive ego. Was it the hundreds of ESPN stories that gave it away?

But enough about grudges and genius coaches and all-world wideouts. We need to remember that the most important thing about today, about every day, is insufferable glory hog Favre and his consecutive-game streak. If you don’t believe me, check out ESPN’s 24-7 candlelight vigil for Brett.
Toss in shots at Curt Schilling, A-Rod, a mention of the 'immortal' Tavaris Jackson and a song quote from the overrated Bob Dylan, and you get a truly awful column. Trick, not treat.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's a trick.

Meaning that Childress has very little confidence in beating the Patriots via Favre/Moss so he tries to distract the Pats fandom/strategists by letting Favre play his "media hog" game.

Childress knows his only chance versus Pats will be Peterson on the ground. Favre is just a decoy.

Shank the Simpleton can't figure that out. He always allows himself to be a tool. Funny thing though is the Shank thinks he outsmarts everyone else.

Belichick + Pats need to control their ground defensive line.


Monkeesfan said...

Anonymous - they got pushed around the first half but came out as a wall in the second. They may also get help on offense with Moss waived/about to be waived by the Vikings.