Sunday, October 17, 2010

Angst For A Readable Column

Shank accentuates the positive yet again in today's column:

FOXBOROUGH — Losses sting. Season-ending losses last. They are the broken hearts of competition. The mind never forgets.

One of the curses of athletic success is that it generally puts you into some kind of tournament. Playoffs are designed to produce a single champion, which means that most good teams end their season with a loss. Talk to friends who played on a winning high school sports team and you’ll find that 95 percent of them finished their careers with a loss.
In a column that sets the table for today's Ravens / Patriots game, Shank passes on a free dump on coach Belichick and actually heaps a small amount of praise on him for opening up a little bit. And I was expecting the worst from Shank...


Monkeesfan said...

Oh my goodness gracious, to coin a Susan Waldman-ism. What will Shank say now, with the Patriots grinding out a 23-20 overtime win?

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys ... but this Shank states the obvious.

I've played, succeeded many times, championships, and losses ... as an athlete you learn to move on ... win or lose ... it's all about competing (not to hurt anyone)and being challenged.

Never look back in anger ... just move on. Simple.

So why does Shank try and show that Belicheck has feelings? Isn’t it obvious he is human, yes?

I can never understand who the audience that Shank tries to capture – are they all morons?

Why not write about the inner dynamics of game strategy, key matchups, critical decisions to be made, etc. This is what a sports fan wants to know. We don’t have time to study these things. It would be nice for reporters to enlighten us on these matters.

We don’t need the soap opera drama that the Shank sensationalizes.