Saturday, February 28, 2009

There is a new sheriff in town

Dan takes a look at the Tampa Bay Rays and their emergence as one of the AL East superpowers alongside the Yankees and Red Sox.  He says they look as good (if not better)  than last year and Dan offers us a few flashbacks to last year's Sox - Rays ALCS tilt.  Dan plays it straight.

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JJS37 said...

Remember those days when the Red Sox and Yankees would meet in Florida, just four months after an epic seven-game American League Championship Series?

Yeah, it happened twice. Douche bag.

If anything, you'd have expected the "Tampa could very well be the 2006 Detroit Tigers" article. Which, they very well could be. Everyone had them penciled in as 2007 World Series winners, and they haven't been to the playoffs since.

You'd expect THAT article.

Instead, know, it's Dan. He's a douche. What do you expect?