Monday, February 16, 2009

He Can't Really Believe This Stuff

Dan has Boston College upsetting Duke last night.

I don't follow college basketball (although I do root for Duke), but even I can spot some of the whoppers Dan throws out today.

First, the win isn't as big as Dan wants you to believe. Duke sucks.

Then there is this gem:
Rice is in some pretty good company. The only other two-grand men in BC hoops lore are Troy Bell, Craig Smith, Dana Barros, Billy Curley, Jared Dudley, and Danya Abrams.

Rice has quite the NBA career ahead of him.

Maybe you would like these nuggets:
But no one could remember a Conte Forum moment like this one.
Beating Duke brings out the bandwagon in Boston, but the Eagles don't like to be asked if this means they can play with any team in the country.

In the last five years or so, the Eagles have won the ACC regular season title, been ranked #3, and have had a nice run to the Sweet Sixteen. Less than two months ago, the team handed the #1 team in the nation its first loss. This game, against a Duke team that was drubbed at home by UNC, is somehow the start of the BC bandwagon? Sure, if you say so Shank.


Roger Bournival said...

It's too bad they have to beat Duke to get our attention, but that's nobody's fault.

Why isn't this your fault, Shank?

It's simply a way of life for a team that plays in a region where we cover the departure of a baseball equipment truck and offer live telecasts of pitchers fielding practice.

I dunno, Shank, maybe you could, um, write more articles on the BC men's hoop team?

ObjectiveBruce said...

Once again, facts take a back seat to venom.

Duke "sucks?"

Duke was ranked #1 within two weeks of losing to BC, and the UNC team that "drubbed" Duke lost its number one ranking when beaten by B.C.

Aside from that, its difficult for someone who wasn't there to understand the in-person atmosphere at a sporting event; the feeling you get from watching on television isn't the same as the feeling you get being there.

That's a columnists job, to provide that color.

dbvader said...

Duke sucks. They are, as they have been for too long, just a collection of outside shooters. They will not get past the first weekend of the Tournament.

dbvader said...

More BC grads doing well

DecaturHeel said...

My Tar Heels were bringing the pain!!! What a fantastic feeling, knowing Danny and Tyler have gone undefeated in the Outhouse. Nice recap of the series here, just to rub others' noses in it.