Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dan's Not Having Any Fun

Dan writes about how voting for the Hall of Fame has become a burden.

This would have been better if Dan had made the issue less about himself and his fellow voters and more about the fans because what he is feeling is similar to what fans are going through as they try to make sense of the mess.


Roger Bournival said...

An excellent and much-needed column...

Anonymous said...

If on -

"June 7, 1991 — Commissioner Fay Vincent sends a memo to each team announcing that steroids have been added to the league’s banned list."

Why do we now have to hear about all the excuses including the "pressures" to perform?

Why wasn't the leading "typist" in town on top of this mess?


Chris said...

Dan loves posturing himself above the teeming masses of sports journalism. Usually this takes the form of a dateline preceding his column that states (for all to see) that he is in 'another city' and his brethren are all back home. That's a favorite ploy. Then, too, is how he started this column that we speak about today:

"Cover major league baseball on a daily basis for a newspaper for 10 consecutive years and you get to vote on Hall of Fame candidates. Forever."

The clear implication here by Shaughnessy is, "I am one of these privileged people."

The reason I cheer the wreckage in media today is because I know people like Shaughnessy cannot swim against the inevitable flush of the toilet. Swim as he might, he'll go into the septic tank, too. And that will please me.

Anonymous said...

I no like this man they call "Shank"...not at all...he a bad man....a very,very bad man