Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Bit of Reality

Dan has a good piece on the Alex Rodriguez fiasco, offering a calm look at the circumstances. Rodriguez wasn't alone and he owned up to it. Yes, it was after being caught, but as Dan points out, who among us would have admitted to something without being caught?


Anonymous said...

A Lot of Hypocrisy!

The Shank is “tooling” again.

Shank can’t have it both ways.

He ridicules many other players for their shortcomings, transgressions, beliefs, attitudes, etc.

But he is “preaching” calmness regarding Rodriguez. Why? Was it because he confessed?

What if Schilling admitted that he stole $8 million from the fans for the 2008 season fiasco?

What if Manny admitted he “dogged it” on a few occasions?

Would Shank forgive them?


It seems to me that the Shank is being deceitful here and representing the owners of MLB. It is in their best interest, Shank included, for all to be calm. Otherwise the fans would realize what a sham MLB has become.

Please cleanse the “hypocrites” from our games. Shank included!


Anonymous said...

Agree 100 % with g

Fenway West said...

From the comment Hall of Fame after CHB's recent article:

"Dan, at this point I am amazed that the Globe, which I respect, still employs you. Your a waste, always have been. The fact that you can treat the team that you cover so maliciously, and then stick up for someone who has cheated in baseball several times, on his wife who knows how many times, and then lied to the world during his "confession" is completely ubsurd. You are still the reason I refuse to have the Glove delivered. "

Anonymous said...

agree with "g" EXCEPT for this line >>

"Otherwise the fans would realize what a sham MLB has become"

I think "the fans" know what the deal is, doesn't matter what Shank writes....hell, If Shank is calling for "calm" the ESPN blowhards are calling for HYSTERICS....." oh the CHILDREN!...THE POOR CHILDREN ARE SCARRED FOR LIFE BECAUSE AROD DIDS ROIDS!!...AROD DID ROIDS!....OH THE HUMANITY!

dbvader said...

I think if you separate this column from what you think of Shank, you would believe he is right.

A NYC columnist wrote that the Yankees should cut A-Rod. A Detroit columnist stated that A-Rod should be in jail. The hysteria over this one case was through the roof as Dan pointed out.

Anonymous said...


The point I was making deals with the fact that The Shank thinks most people are stupid and therefore he has the freedom to shape his arguments to his advantage.

Sure it is obvious that Rodriguez screwed up. Don't we all? If Shank wanted to demonstrate a sense of consistency he should’ve reamed Rodriguez as only the “typist” could enjoy.

As a fan, I am disappointed in all the MLB characters during the Steroid era, so I am more selective about how much I invest into “the game”.

For me there is no excuse for what The Shank tried to do with his article and asking for “calm”.

The Shank should understand the “rage” many fanes are experiencing and could’ve represented that by reaming Rodriguez.

MLB had a huge influence in staging The Rodriguez Confession by rolling out good ole Gammons to perform the interview and The Shank type articles asking for mercy.

Give me a break!

The Game today is all about chasing the dollars. How pathetic the grown men are in MLB. Can you believe they are asking for mercy because they play a “child’s game.”


dbvader said...

So shank previously acted in a manner that you found abhorrent, but now he should act in that very fashion because of how you feel?

The issue that you are upset about is not Alex Rodriguez. It is Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Raphael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, AND Alex Rodriguez.

For a confluence of reasons, A-Roid has gotten out of hand. In addition to the irrational thoughts I posted above, Bud Selig is now publicly pondering how he can punish Alex Rodriguez, when he has never suggested such a possibility after other players have admitted to PED use.

Rodriguez has somehow pushed people over the edge and the specific reaction to his admission is wildly out of proportion to the facts.