Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lame References Abound

"Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed . . ."

And we are off. Dan writes about Jed Lowrie and anoints him the shortstop of the future. Interesting that he would be so high on Lowrie a day after he had to admit he was wrong about Pedroia. Of course, Dustin had better minor league numbers while being younger and striking out much less. So if he was to be questioned, what about Lowrie?


roger bournival said...

Um, here's the link...

Bonus: Dan doubles up on the lame sitcom intros:

He's shipping up to Boston and an ancient ballpark where everybody knows your name.


roger bournival said...

ob - is this a good thing?

Just curious...

Chris said...

Nice one, Roger! I'd like to contribute my observation that the Jack Welch buyout offer from several year back looks pretty darned good now, doesn't it? As Rick Petino would say, 'Jack Welch ain't walking through that door again.'

ObjectiveBruce said...


It's the economy, stupid.

Yahoo ad revenues were down 18.6 percent in its second quarter.

The economy aside, newspaper advertising revenues are falling rapidly, and newspapers will have to examine the cost efficiency of print editions. That's well known.

So what's your point? Do you have one?

roger bournival said...

Almost forgot this part:

NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Times Co. will increase the Monday-Saturday newsstand cost of its flagship paper by 25 cents to $1.50, the publisher said Wednesday.

That's brilliant - raise prices while revenue is decreasing! I guess the point, OB, is the NYT Company doesn't seem very business savvy.

Chris said...

The day is fast approaching when the Globe ceases to have a printed edition. Left with 'only' its on-line edition, Shaughnessy will, for all intents and purposes, be a blogger...joining the very class of people he rails against. Oh, this cannot happen fast enough! I guarantee he's crafting some sort of exit strategy that precedes the eventual demise of his employer. Problem is, no one wants him.

JJS37 said...

The thing about this article, besides the fact that Dan hasn't gotten out of the house in 30 years because all of his references are at least 30 years old: the little shit he writes that's totally and observably false.

For example: "It's not easy to make the big club because they have big names and huge contracts..."

Really? Here's who's playing: Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Kevin Cash (when Wake pitches); Clay Buccholz; Justin Masterson; Manny Delcarmen; John Lester; and Jonathan Paplebon.

Now, some of those names are "big." But, I think if you added up the salaries of all these guys, you wouldn't get to much more than $3-4 million for this year. And if you took Pedroia, Lester, and Paplebon away from the Sox (and these are guys who weren't on the team two years ago-minus a first year Pap), they would be the Royals.

So while Shaughnessy wants you to think that you can't get to the big team, the Red Sox have shown that if you've got talent, they'll bring you up (Lowrie, Ellsbury, Pedroia, Buccholz, and Lester). And if you've got talent and there really is no room for you, you're getting traded (Sanchez, Hanley Ramirez.)

You get these little incites as to how he thinks and when you sift through his bullshit, you realize the guy is totally wrong.

I really think that anyone on this board could do his job better than him. I think most of the kids in my 5th grade class could do a better job than him.