Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Wish I Had His Job

So Dan listens to sports talk radio all day and then goes to Fenway to watch the Red Sox. What a life!

The sports radio talk is all about the Captain and his epic slump and Dan has his take on it. Dan plays it straight, without really committing to any side. He does manage a shot at Schilling, though.


roger bournival said...

He does manage a shot at Schilling, though.

Dog bites man...

Sunday Sunflower Seeds said...

Remember when Ted Nation on WEEI used to talk about the 'morass of negativity' in Boston sports? Six championships later, CHB's still at it

Anonymous said...

You know, I think Sartre put it best when he said,
"Dan's a fucking douche bag."

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

....unreal...He is so OBSESSED with Schilling, it's almost scary....what the hell is his problem?....well, at least he didn't call anyone "immortal" or did he?...I sort of "speed read" his crap

Chris said...

I don't read Shaughnessy's columns; rather, I read this blog instead as a protest against Shaughnessy, who hates blogs and those who read them. I also don't pay for the stupid newspaper he writes for, so I'm happy to be contributing to the newspaper's demise. This is sort of like 'sticking it to the man,' as the commercial goes.

Anonymous said...

Dan hates Schill because people would rather read Schills blog than Dan's column. I'm glad I found this site. I found it because ESPN's TPI show just had Dan host the show, it's 90 degrees, and I can't watch a show a enjoy after work, AAaarrrggghhh.

Chris said...

CHB: “Hello, ESPN? This is Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston…”
ESPN: “We know who you are. Blogs reach all the way down here to Connecticut, you know.”
CHB: “Hmmm. Well, the reason for my call is to see if I could guest-host your afternoon countdown show, you know, while to better hosts are on vacation.”
ESPN: “Dan: We get calls and letters from your kind all the time. Newspaper sports hacks that need some other ship to jump onto because their Titanic is sinking. They need a life preserver and they think ESPN is it.”
CHB: “Well, I wouldn’t characterize it quite like that…”
ESPN: “Why not? Everybody else does.”
CHB: “So do I get the gig?”
ESPN: “Oh, OK. Report here on Wednesday the 9th of July”
CHB: “Thank you, Master. Thank you!”

dbvader said...

It is chock full of hypocritical goodness that Dan appears on silly shows like PTI.

I rather like the show, but only because of the two original hosts. Without them, it is a empty back and forth between two people talking out of their asses.

It is pretty much everything that Dan attacks blogs for. I wouldn't trust Dan's opinions on a Boston athlete, much less anybody who lives outside of 128.

Anonymous said...

Are you folks telling me that Shank had a "paid gig" on ESPN?

Chris said...

Yes...I was at the health club working out yesterday and there was 'all-knowing' CHB doing the PTI show from 5pm to 6pm. Immediately I surmised (probably correctly) that Shaughnessy groveled for the guest stint at ESPN as a way of, ummm, broadening his, ummm, horizons. Put another way, he knows what's happening all around him in the newspaper business. He knows he needs newer and different 'income streams.' But lest you think I fell victim to the ruse, I did not: My iPod was playing and I only saw CHB on one of the TVs. Video is enough, thank you. No need to also listen to his nonsense.

Monkeesfan said...

Ted Nation had a point about the morass of negativity - of course WEEI has morass than any other radio station given the wide girths of the hosts - ;-)

Shank doesn't have morass - he just is ass.

xfearbefore/! Colin R. said...

I am astounded, absolutely astounded that this website exists. Shaughnessy isn't exactly Journalist of the Year, but this website shows just who really is the petty and idiotic one. I almost laughed at the lunacy of creating this website, until I realized I actually just feel pity. Atleast Shaughnessy writes his crap for a salary. You apparently do it free of charge in your spare time. Enjoy your seemingly meaningless life.

Anonymous said...


This coming from a person who blogs about pro wrestling?

Thanks for the laugh

roger bournival said...

Atleast Shaughnessy writes his crap for a salary. You apparently do it free of charge in your spare time.

Someone's Irony Meter is in the shop!

mike_b1 said...

He's been blogging since March 2007, and has 18 page views.

That says it all.

roger bournival said...

Also heard on the evil, right-wing talk radio shows today: The Globe is asking all reporter level staff (it might be broader or narrower than this, TBD) to take 10% pay cuts.

I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with this:

July 9 (Bloomberg) -- New York Times Co. dropped the most in almost 10 years after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. lowered its earnings estimates for the third-largest U.S. newspaper publisher as advertising revenue deteriorates.

The company's dividend is at risk of being cut in coming years, Lehman analyst Craig Huber also said today in a note to clients.
(That's a really bad sign - Ed.) The stock is expensive compared with Gannett Co., the largest U.S. newspaper publisher, and McClatchy Co., owner of the Miami Herald, Huber wrote.

Potential asset sales, including the Boston Globe, ``are not a reason to own'' New York Times, Huber said, citing ``by far the worst timing'' in more than 15 years for the company and industry. New York Times settled a proxy fight with Firebrand Partners and Harbinger Capital Partners in March after adding two of the investors' nominees to its board.

More schadenfreude at the link...

/There's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over - Frank Zappa

roger bournival said...

Shaughnessy isn't exactly Journalist of the Year,

Damn - how did we miss the Understatement of the Year?

Chris said...

Hahahaha...I'll bet that Jack Welch offer to buy the Boston Globe several years ago--an offer turned down with a haughty huff by the NYT--looks pretty good right about now. LOL.

Fenway West said...

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dbvader said...

fenway west,

Haha! Go away and take your RSN BS with you.

JJS37 said...

He does manage a shot at Schilling, though.

Day follows night.