Thursday, July 24, 2008

It All Comes Back to Manny

The Sox sweep the Mariners and are returning to Fenway to play the Yankees. The main topic for Dan? Manny and his knee.

Dan will never give Manny a break after the end to the 2006 season so a sore knee is Manny taking a day off for no reason.


Charlie said...

Nothing really wrong with this article. Manny is THE media story of the day and this time its actually newsworthy. We're talking about a $20 million player who is the hottest hitter on the team and is in the middle of a contract dispute who just out of the blue claims to have a knee injury and can't even pinch hit.

JJS37 said...

"It's hard to forge two years ago when Manny was scalding the ball and then he shut it down vs. the Yankees.." Yeah, it's hard to forget, because we have Douche Bag Dan reminding us every 30 seconds.

I've figured it out: Dan is really "Danielle" and he's female. He's worried about the most petty stuff. Soon you'll hear how Manny's outfit clashed with his hair.

Re: Manny. Who gives an "F?" Seriously. It's the same crap every year with the guy, you take the good with the bad, and if you don't want the bad (the trade demands in March; the phantom injuries; the boneheaded stuff) then you don't get the good (the opposite field bombs; the .300 avg., the 30-40 homers, and the 100+ RBIS every year) either. Simple as that.

And BTW, not that Danielle would check it or report it, but Manny's full story was that the knee had been hurting for a while, and he felt that it was time to rest it now.

I know it's BS, but at least report ALL of the BS, you f'ing Douche Bag. Not just the shit you think makes the guy look the worst.

Man this guy is an asshole. He's an asshole's asshole.

dbvader said...

The thing Shank never mentions is that Manny was tired after carrying the Red Sox during the 2006 Yankees series. He was a monster.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Shame on Dan. Saying bad things about a player who we all know earns every one of his 400 million nickels every time he crosses the white lines. And forgetting that Manny played hard for a series against New York and so needed to rest up while everybody else loafed through the series and didn't need any breaks. Shame on Dan.

And bad, bad, Dan for saying more bad things about our beloved Sawx, pointing out that the injury which jjs tells us "had been hurting for a while" came as a surprise to the manager. Bad, Bad Dan. These are our heroes you are talking about. We luv, luv, luv them.

roger bournival said...

And bad, bad, Dan for saying more bad things about our beloved Sawx, pointing out that the injury which jjs tells us "had been hurting for a while" came as a surprise to the manager. Bad, Bad Dan. These are our heroes you are talking about. We luv, luv, luv them.

If I didn't know any better, I swear you're turning into a one trick pony. Kinda like Shank...

roger bournival said...

I wonder if this is a good thing for the NYT Company:

American newspapers are getting hammered by evaporating classified ads, but Craigslist isn't (SAI 25 No. 3). CEO Jim Buckmaster shared some June numbers that will make a newspaper publisher weep: housing ads are up 85% y/y, with rental ads up 120% and real estate up 70%.

Anyone? OB? Ferris?

bunkosquad said...

Bob Ryan's column today was about the Pats turning the page on last season and preparing for the next. I came away from it having laughed a couple of times, having learned something, and feeling like I didn't waste the three minutes it took to read it.

At least we have one left in town.

Objectivebruce said...

Yup, classified advertising is disappearing. It's kind of ironic locally, since it was classified advertising that turned the Globe from an also-ran into the most powerful media operation in town.

There's no question that newspapers will be different in the future. The places to which advertising revenue are disappearing are not spending that revenue on journalism. The electronic world has yet to come up with a better way of gathering, reporting, writing and putting news in perspective than newspapers. I realize all bloggers and self-appointed e-journalists believe they are divinely inspired, but editors make any news operation better -- and not only in presentation, but in deciding what gets covered and how. Minimally staffed operations, such as just about all electronic media, need product from every employee, every day. Newspapers can assign people to work on stories that take days or weeks to develop. Most new media can't, or won't, or don't take time for reporting. A good number of them merely ruminate on what newspapers have reported, or, worse act like Fox cable news and breathlessly report factoids with no context simply because getting an angle or sub-angle first is more important than getting the full story.

The Globe will survive. The Herald will not. Most suburban dailies will. Journalism will suffer until somebody figures out a way to pay for the work that's needed to actually report, rather than engate in the speculation, rumination and superficiality which characterizes "new media."

And if you think WEEI will be the least bit objective as an originator of sports news on its new Web site, you're hopelessly naive.