Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two Newspapers In One

The Boston Bruins haven't been playing well recently. Bruins beat reporter Fluto Shinzawa doesn't think coach Claude Julien should get shitcanned:
This is no time for Bruins to fire Claude Julien
In times of crisis — an accurate description for the current segment — it would be easy for Neely and Sweeney to execute change by sacking Claude Julien. Coaching changes can sometimes initiate short-term spikes.

The harder thing would be for the bosses to do nothing. Which is precisely what they should do.

The Bruins are who they are. As projected before the season, they are a team engaged in a dogfight to qualify for the playoffs. That they remain in the hunt is partly because of Julien’s guidance.
Then there's this guy:
If Shank watched more than a single period of Bruins hockey this year, I'd be shocked.

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Anonymous said...

Shank should simply stick to baseball. As was pointed out on Toucher and Rich, he brings out that "you know more about football than I do" line when people react to articles like the Atlanta story. He can be a dope sometimes. He probably thinks Agganis Arena was built for basketball. By the way, the Bruins often outrate the Celtics, pretty good for a struggling hockey team vs. a team from the almighty NBA. I walked into the Horseshoe Grille after last night's BU-Merrimack game and saw four screens on the Bruins, none on the Celtics. Hmmm.