Sunday, January 29, 2017


Shank, showing no interest whatsoever at writing about the Celtics or the Bruins (other than the occasional tweet about shitcanning Claude Julien), decides to bring up Deflategate in an offhand way in order to point out another NFL 'controversy' that received decidedly unequal treatment.
HOUSTON — One of this year’s Super Bowl participants got caught cheating a couple of years ago. They were investigated by the NFL, found guilty, and punished with a whopping fine and loss of a 2016 draft pick. A team leader was ordered to serve a suspension.

Say hello to your cheatin’ Atlanta Falcons. Say hello to Noisegate — the scandal that went away quickly and quietly.

During the 2013 and 2014 NFL seasons, a Falcons marketing executive artificially pumped up crowd noise at the Georgia Dome when Falcons opponents were calling signals. The NFL got wind of it, investigated, and acted quickly. Atlanta was fined $350,000, lost a fifth-round draft pick, and team president Rich McKay was suspended from the league’s competition committee for three months.
Nothing like dredging up a past Patriots controversy in order to take yet another shot at the Patriots organization. You know, Shank could be held in better regard with local sports teams if he wasn't such a negative asshole who insisted on bringing up the past time and time again. Shank can forget about being invited to a team breakfast, just as it was during the Patriots 2nd Super Bowl appearance - take it away, Andrew!


Jason Herra said...

he brings this up but yet has no problem with his pet Clemens doing steroids that's ok in his book cuz ok rog have his kid a Clementine teddy bear

Roger Bournival said...

Who knew the press could be bought off so cheaply?