Saturday, January 14, 2017

Great Calls By Dan Shaughessy - II

With the game still undetermined...


Monkeesfan said...

Oh, we know hat he'll now say - the Patriots got exposed by the tomato can Texans and thus cannot be trusted to beat real competition should they reach the Superbowl. Of course overlooked by the ineptitude of Brock Osweiler is the Texans beat six teams (Detroit, Indy twice, Kansas City, Tennessee, and Oakland) that made the playoffs or otherwise finished at least 8-8 - in a division where the Titans finished second with six wins over quality opponents and the Colts finished 8-8, hardly comparable to the 2-14 Niners (part of an NFC West with just one team with a winning record) or 1-15 Browns (part of an AFC North with just Pittsburgh and Baltimore posting any kind of quality record), so maybe Shank the Sons Of The Houston Oilers aren't that bad after all.

Nah, Shank never actually does research.

Jason Herra said...

no he doesnt