Sunday, January 22, 2017

Emerging Pattern Confirmed

A few weeks ago I spotted a pattern with Shank's Patriots themed columns:
By now the pattern should be clear to everyone - when Shank writes about the Patriots, he will avoid expressing an opinion about the quality of their opponent if they're a top team at the time of the game. Otherwise, the Patriots opponents are 'tomato cans', 'frauds' and so on.
This explains the lack of a column by Shank yesterday or today about tonight's AFC Championship game. In one sense, that's good - we won't be subjected to trite comparisons of Boston and Pittsburgh, simplistic 'anslysis' of the Brady / Roethlisberger matchup, and so on.

There will be a tweet about the coin flip around 6:40 this evening, so I'm really looking forward to that...


Monkeesfan said...

So after killing the Steelers 36-17, when can we expect Shank's admission to being wrong about the Patriots defense and propensity for fumbles? After all it's the first real quarterback they've faced since losing to the Seahawks, remember?

Oh yeah, the Patriots won the game, and they're stuck facing the Falcons, just another tomato can in a hickville city that doesn't have the class of a city whose most beloved sportswriter breaks the rules to benefit his wannabe-tennis star daughter, right Shank?

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