Sunday, November 06, 2016

You're Only Encouraging Him

Please, make it stop!
There are eight games left in the Patriots schedule, and I can see three games that aren't tomato can games - the Ravens, while not playing great this year, are currently beating the Steelers 10 - 0 (even Shank has admitted in the past that they're not scared of the Patriots) and we have road games at Denver (how'd that last trip to Denver work out?) and at Miami (how'd that last trip to Miami work out?). I don't mind attempts at humor as much as I mind people spreading bullshit like this.

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Monkeesfan said...

And nowhere is there any fundamental reason for recent playoff losses, this despite Shank's mythologizing (aggravated by the idiocy of the likes of Adam "Not Pacman" Jones who nightly on WBZ-FM - Shank's station - refuses to credit the Patriots for successes and instead rips the team by exaggerating or fabricating weaknesses to push a premise that has no credibility). Denver won twice last year - by escaping; they didn't outplay the Patriots. The Ravens have a grand total of THREE career wins over the Patriots, and none since 2012.

100-60 - that's the Brady-era Patriots' record against quality opponents. Shank's premise reflects his dishonesty.