Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boston Bruins Death Watch - II

Dan Shaughnessy Watch, March 10, 2016:
In true Shank Shaughnessy fashion, he will bury both of these teams once they're eliminated from the playoffs.
Not a very tough call, was it? Looks like Shank's enjoying one of his favorite pastimes again, running people out of town:
It looks like John Farrell is going to keep his job longer than Claude Julien.

Mercifully, it is official: The Bruins are not a playoff team. Five years after winning the Cup, three years after getting to the finals, two years after compiling the best overall record in the league . . . the Bruins are not one of the top 16 teams. For the second straight year. And yet there is still a Preserve Claude Society that will insist Julien should be Bruins Coach For Life.

Sorry. Claude has been nothing but class and professionalism. He is the winningest coach in team history and he brought the Cup back to Causeway Street. But nine years is enough. Nobody gets to do this forever. The Bruins have to rebuild and Julien might not be the guy for a team of youngsters.
It took Shank this long to figure it out? It wasn't obvious when the Bruins traded away Tyler Seguin?

Then again, not every Boston Globe sportswriter agrees with this assessment:
Put away that pink slip for Claude Julien. He isn’t packing up and going home yet and neither are the Bruins.

Those who want to run the Bruins coach out of town if the team coughs up a playoff spot for the second consecutive season are going to have to put a few more pins in their Julien voodoo dolls between now and the season-finale Saturday against the Ottawa Senators.
Were you thinking of someone in particular with that comment, Chris?


ObjectiveBruce said...

Sorry boys, he nailed it on th is one.

Roger Bournival said...

Even a broken clock's right twice a day, Mr. Mo##.