Saturday, April 23, 2016


Unable to criticize and second guess the Red Sox and Celtics due to their wins yesterday, Shank instead subjects us to the Dreaded Picked Up Pieces column.
Young (Jacob) Eason is the most highly touted Georgia QB recruit since Matthew Stafford. Eason’s dad is, in fact, Tony Eason, but he is NOT the Tony Eason who played quarterback for the Patriots and had to be pulled from New England’s first Super Bowl vs. the Bears in New Orleans. The Tony Eason who is Jacob’s dad played football at Notre Dame.

While we are on the topic of high school athletes from the state of Washington, let it be known that both Jon Lester and Avery Bradley are graduates of Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma.
The Red Sox only have eight home games in September.
Dan Shaughnessy - the Globe's answer to Cliff Clavin.

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