Monday, April 11, 2016

Speaking Of Pretenders...

Six games into the Red Sox 2016 season, they're a .500 club, at 3-3. Considering last season, most normal people would be optimistic about the start so far. And then there's Shank:
Are the Red Sox contenders or pretenders?

The Red Sox lost to the Orioles, 9-7, in an action-packed 105th Fenway Park Opening Day Monday afternoon. The winning runs were scored when Orioles softball-league slugger Chris Davis mashed a 433-foot, three-run homer off new Sox closer Craig Kimbrel into the triangle in Fenway’s center field in the top of the ninth inning.

So now your 2016 Boston Red Sox are 3-3 after six games and you are legitimately left to wonder if we are in for another wasted summer of baseball.

Six games is a small sample.
But why let a little thing like that get in the way? He's got a team to trash!
The Fenway opener suggests it’s time to pay special attention to the overachieving Celtics on Causeway Street. The star-less Celtics finish their regular season Wednesday, start the playoffs this weekend, and will be playing crucial games at the end of April.
"And when they exit the playoffs, I'll shit on them just like I did with the Bruins on Sunday!"
Clay Buchholz (0-0, 11.25 ERA) gets the ball for Boston Tuesday night at Fenway. Anyone feeling good about that?
We can figure out one columnist who isn't...

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