Sunday, February 15, 2015

No Shot Too Cheap For Shank

A fortnight after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, Shank has an unanswered question:

Shank conveniently omits these follow-up questions:
Q. You stumbled after that play, but you stayed in the game. Does that mean you were not injured?

A. Next question.

Q. Were you tested for a concussion?

A. I went through all the protocols.

Here is a discussion of NFL concussion protocols. It looks to me that if Edelman failed the protocols, he would not have been allowed back in the game.

Better luck next time, Shank!


ObjectiveBruce said...

Roger took his stupid pills on this one.

The question was never answered and was asked again.

Poor Roger, he's one of those guys who thinks anyone who asks a tough question of anyone connected to his beloved teams is some kind of crook.

Wrong. Poor, poor Roger.

mike_b1 said...

If Edelman was coherent enough to know to sidestep the question, he probably wasn't concussed. Duh.

Roger Bournival said...

Obtuse Bruce misses the point, on purpose, again - team rules prevent him from discussing the matter, and he apparently passed the concussion protocols to get back in the game.

Don't you have another NECN interview to do with Jim Braude or something?

Monkeesfan said...

Not only that, there was no evidence Edelman was ever concussed and Shank had to be told that on Scott Zolak's show. It illustrates how issues like this always see evidence defined down instead of up - Shank pushes the myth that concussions are killing football players right and left when concussions have been in long-term decline, head injuries in general have been in long-term decline - all without taking away certain types of hits - and protocols have improved more and more. The idea that Shank can't trust in the players' toughness is yet another illustration of how unqualified Shank is for whatever job he holds.